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About Us

In the Palestinian Arabic dialects, the word Talleh means to visit, it is part of the Palestinian Culture where women used to visit each other carrying with them gifts according to the different occasions, usual gifts were arranged nicely in a traditional basket decorated with flowers and Henna.

Since around 6 million Palestinians are living abroad, some of them have never had the chance to visit their homeland, Talleh will take Palestine to them, it will be connecting them to the land of their parents and grandparents through exclusive gifts from the Palestinian Culture in a modern tradition designs.

Talleh is a Palestinian registered brand established in Jerusalem in 2015 to be the main platform for Palestinian cultural gifts. Talleh Gifts include customized gifts made of carved olive wood, mother of pearl, olive oil soap, basketry, pottery and others.  Our designs are inspired from Arabic and Islamic Art and Arabic calligraphy.

Talleh is working from Jerusalem, where women unemployment rate is around 80% and 75% of Palestinians are living under poverty line and therefore Talleh’s team members are only women.

Our Vision

To become the main platform for Palestinian cultural gifts.

Talleh is an Injection of Modernity to revive Palestinian Culture.